Any type of pool or lagoon is customizable with great aesthetic and functional impact amenities to make your pool very attractive. In order to follow the needs of the customers we supply from the chemicals to the cleaners and robots for cleaning and maintenance of the pool and facilities.

Soffioni, getti e cascate d'acqua


Robot di pulizia

The criteria to consider when choosing a robot cleaner are closely associated to the characteristics of their pool and to their cleaning needs.

Robot Electric Cleaner: perfect for owners of most demanding pools. It connects to the power grid and is totally independent from the pool filtration circuit, allowing them to take advantage of a great deal of autonomy. Extremely practical, these devices are programmable (duration of cleaning, clean surface …). Reach all corners of the bottom of the pool, they climb the walls, clean the water line and recover the impurities in their filter.

Electric robot cleaner

Separate from the filtration system and simply connected to the mains power, Plug&Play is stand-alone equipment. It cleans the pool with no action required from the user, following the selected programme (cleaning time, surface area, etc.). Reaching every corner of the pool, climbing walls and cleaning the waterline, it collects impurities in its own filter basket. Different models are available for all types of pools. Zodiac® engineers have created the first cyclone suction pool cleaners (link to relevant advice). The high-power vortex created inside the filter keeps debris in suspension, thereby preventing the filter from blocking and guaranteeing long-term cleaning performance.


Hydraulic robot cleaner
Hydraulic cleaners are easily installed on the swimming pool filtration system, using power from its pump to operate. They capture debris by suction, storing it in the pump pre-filter. More affordable than electric robotic cleaners, hydraulic cleaners plug into a pool vacuum point or skimmer. They are perfect for small pools with flat floors or gentle slopes and are the ideal solution for above-ground pools.