Residential Use

Piscine in struttura tradizionale

Sono realizzabili, tramite la Vs. impresa o  chiavi mano, in cemento armato o in blocchi-cassero nelle più svariate forme: consentono una grande flessibilità di adattamento alle linee del giardino ed allo stile della casa. Possono essere accessoriate con sistemi e materiali differenziati (sfioro tipo Infinity Pool o a skimmer, rivestimento in mosaico, pietra, piastrelle o guaina di PVC) ponedno grande attenzione alla personalizzazione e al design ambientale


As with all other prefabricated pools, a concrete foundation is required. Walls are made of sandwich-type panels consisting of a double sheet of hot dip galvanized steel, prepainted and filled with polyurethane foam. Beside being sturdier and self-supporting, this type of panel offers valuable thermal-control properties

Panels are assembled with dovetail joints. The complete containment structure, including panels and supports, is completely galvanized.

Lining of the pool is carried out on site with a reinforced PVC liner which is thermally welded. This makes the coating fully impermeable and adds a chromatic effect to the pool. It comes with a ten-year guarantee which is backed by our reputation — established over decades of experience. Excellent quality/price combination, fast assembling and structural strength make this pool a very fine choice.


Speed of assembly, strength, ample choice of shapes and a 5-year warrantee are the main features of monobloc pools. Made of fiberglass from a single cast, these pools are water-tight, treated against osmosis and UV rays as well as resistant to acids and other chemicals. Smooth, rounded shapes provide added safety, easy cleaning and prevent algae growth. Monobloc pools can be completed with automatic covering, hydro-massage benches and beds as well as upstream swimming.